Electronic Cigarettes Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Cigarettes Frequently Asked Questions

8th Oct 2017

How much do they cost?
Our Genuine Kangatech Evod start kits costs under $70 and a standard pack a day smoker will consume about 1.5ml a day. That will end up costing $292 for the year including the cost to import liquid. Thats under $6 a week!!Compare that to the cost of smoking at $8,212.50 or $157.93 a week!!!!
What is an electronic cigarette?
E cigs or Electronic Cigarettes or personal vaporizers are battery powered electronic devices used to vaporize E liquid for inhalation. The E liquid May or may not contain nicotine and produces a vapor or mist rather than a smoke from a traditional cigarette.I'm new to this,
 What do I need to get started?
We recommend new users purchase our Evod Starter Kits They offer great value for money. Are easy to use, are extremely reliable and produce great vapor that will satisfy someone substituting traditional cigarettes with vaping. They come with all the accessories needed including 2 bottles of Vapure premium E Liquids.How do I care for my electronic cigarette?The KangerTech Evod   and Kanger EMOW and all our clearomizers require very little maintenance. It's advised to clean out the tank and coil every time a different e liquid is used. To do this simply unscrew the tank and atomizer from the battery and then from each other. Rinse out the tank with hot water and let dry. Do the same with the atomizer and coil. If the coil is getting very old you can let it soak to loosen up the gunk in the wicks. When coils get to old just remove and replace.How do I refill my Kanger Clearomizer tanks?Unscrew the tank and fill with vapure premium e liquid. Be sure not get it in the center tube by applying it slowly to the sides of the tank on a 45 degree angle.How do I replace the coil?Unscrew the tank from the atomizer unit and then unscrew the coil from the atomizer base then just screw your new coil back on
Do your E liquids contain nicotine?
No. It is illegal to sell nicotine in Australia. Items such as cigarettes and some gums, patches etc have exemptions. You are however allowed to buy up to a 3 month supply for personal use from overseas vendors.
Where do I get nicotine and is it legal?
We recommend you buy 250ml of 100mg flavorless nicotine in 100%pg base from RTS Vapes http://www.rtsvapes.com/100_MG_Flavorless_Nicotine_Liquid_s/55.htmAustralian law allows users to import up to a 3 month supply of nicotine for personal use.We do not sell nicotine whatsoever. Please see our nicotine guide in our resources section for a guide outlining measurements to obtain your preferred mg per ml of nicotine to match your current intake through traditional cigarettes.Is it safe?In May 2014, Cancer Research UK released a statement saying, "Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are almost certainly much safer than tobacco cigarettes and may help smokers to cut down or quit smoking. We support the use of high quality e-cigarettes because we believe that they have significant potential to help smokers who aren't otherwise ready or able to quit smoking by providing them with much safer alternatives to smoked tobacco. The UK National Health Service noted that the toxic chemicals found by the FDA were at levels one-thousandth that of cigarette smoke, and that while there is no certainty that these small traces are harmless, initial test results are reassuring. More research and studies into the long term, high volume usage of vaping are required but we can be certain it is many more times safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.
What is in E liquid? what is PG and VG?
Vapure premium E Liquids only contain around 2%-5% super/concentrate flavors and a base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which are considered safe by the FDA (food and drug authority) and are used in food, cosmetics, fog machines and medicines including inhalation (inhalers) and injection. See our full section on pg/vgHow does your shipping workWe provide fast shipping around Australia for all of our products via Australia post. We use parcel and express post services and have a flat rate of $10 with the exception of a single pack of replacement kanger coils which we will send for $1.
Can I return the products if i change my mind?
Yes we offer 30 day return policy for any reason. Even if you just change your mind just send the products back in there unopened packaging and we will provide a full refund of the purchase price.
We are sorry but you will have to pay all shipping charges.Can I pay using BitcoinWe are committed to our customers and are always looking for ways to improve our service. As such we now accept bitcoin for payments.

Simply email us your order and include your products, name and address and we will send you bitcoin wallet details for your order.

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